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UNIBOR E5000 AUTO Magnetic Drill

UNIBOR E5000 AUTO Magnetic Drill

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Featuring a variable speed 1100W motor, complete with QuickHitch, Lifeshield and thermal overload protection, this drill is both powerful and efficient, ensuring you get the performance you need. Ideal for both high-speed drilling with carbide cutters, as well as lower speed cutting with M2 cutters, this versatile drill is ideal for workshops, DIY and industry. With a 2” cutter capacity and 2” depth of cut, this is a fantastic drill to add to any arsenal.

Key Features
  • Featuring unique automatic drilling capabilities, the E5000 can be set up and left to drill and shut down, completely autonomously.
  • 2"
  • Featuring DrillSmart, our intuitive technology designed to maximize machine and cutter life.
  • Twist drilling (3/4"), countersinking (1-3/16") and tapping (3/4") capabilities, for all-round performance on any project.
  • Featuring a 2-speed gearbox.


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